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Creating Sustainable Solutions That Fit Your Life

When you set out to find an answer to your legal problem, whether that’s getting a divorce, creating a child custody plan or another family concern, it’s important to take a longer view in determining which option works best for you. Too often, people react in the moment and end up with a solution that is less than ideal for them further down the road.

At The Law Office of Christopher J. Miller, I understand how important it is to take both today and your future into consideration when solving your family law issue. I help families in Weatherford and the surrounding areas find answers that help both today and beyond.

Knowledgeable Family Law Help For Weatherford And The Surrounding Areas

Helping You With What Matters Most

Family law issues can impact not only your life but those you love most as well. I take a personal approach to each case, making sure your concerns are heard and you are aware of all available options throughout your case. At my law firm, some of the family law issues I address include:

Divorce: I’m committed to helping find the best resolution for you and your children, and I can help you decide which divorce path is the right one for you.

Child custody: No matter what, your child’s well-being comes first when you work with me. I will make sure we develop a custody plan that is both amenable and in your child’s (or children’s) best interest.

Adoption: When you’re looking to add a new member to your family, I can help you along this exciting journey. Whether it’s a stepparent adoption, grandparent or traditional, I can help.

Child support: What is reasonable? What’s affordable? I understand there are lots of questions around child support and can help you understand the process.

My goal is to keep you from worrying about the “what-ifs” in the years to come. I know how emotional family law can be. At The Law Office of Christopher J. Miller, I strive to present you with the options and consequences that come with each choice in a compassionate and practical manner.

A Strong Advocate For Families