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Protecting Your Relationship With Your Children

One of the key questions for anyone entering into divorce or separation is: What will happen to the children? Your kids and your relationships with them are a crucially important part of your life as a parent, so you need to protect those relationships. It is important to have strong legal counsel backed by experience when entering into parenting plan negotiations or child custody and visitation litigation.

At The Law Office of Christopher J. Miller, I can help you protect those critical relationships. As an experienced family lawyer serving clients in the greater Weatherford area, I take a family-centered approach. My goal is to advocate for your family relationships so you come out of the divorce proceedings able to enjoy your time with your kids.

The Best Interests Of The Child

The most important thing in any custody or visitation discussion is the best interests of the child. This is the primary consideration used by the courts to make their determination, and it is the guiding principle at The Law Office of Christopher J. Miller. I want to make sure that your children are in the safest, healthiest position possible for their lives after your divorce is finalized.

Parenting Plans

In most cases, the issues of custody and visitation are decided through negotiations between the divorcing parents to establish a parenting plan. This plan covers all the details of day-to-day life, including holidays and time off school, as well as issues like decision-making control over health care, schooling and other important decisions.

When preparing for parenting plan negotiations, it is important to put aside some of the strong emotions that can accompany a divorce or separation and look to the best interests of your children. As an experienced lawyer, I can walk you through all of the considerations ahead of time, so you can be prepared for the negotiations. Also, I will be there with you. Sometimes, this type of negotiation can be challenging for people who have not been through it before, so I will make sure to be with you throughout the process.

I will help you create a parenting plan that will cover all of the essential situations that could arise in the course of your children’s futures.

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