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Whether you are looking to officialize your developing stepparent-child relationship in a remarriage situation, looking to adopt a grandchild or looking to adopt a child to increase your family blessings, adoption is a wonderful gift for many families. However, it also involves a challenging legal process. If you are exploring the possibility of adopting, it is critical to work with a trusted lawyer to provide counsel to help you down the path of adoption.

I am Christopher J. Miller, attorney and founder of The Law Office of Christopher J. Miller. One of the key areas of my legal practice is helping families from the greater Weatherford area get through the legal process of adoption. I have been through this legal process numerous times, so I know what to expect and how to help you navigate the legal complexities and challenges involved.

Handling All Types Of Adoptions

Generally, there are stepparent adoptions, grandparent adoptions and traditional adoptions. It is important to note that each one requires a different approach, and there are different legal standards and thresholds to meet before being eligible.

In all adoptions, the adopting parent accepts all the rights and responsibilities of a biological parent. Legally, there is no difference between a biological parent and an adoptive parent.

Stepparent Adoptions

A stepparent adoption usually occurs in a remarriage situation. One of the child’s biological parents remarries and the child bonds with the parent’s new spouse. For many, this relationship becomes more important and fundamental to the child than the relationship with the other biological parent. In these cases, a stepparent adoption can seal and officialize that relationship.

In stepparent adoptions, the other parent needs to terminate their rights as a parent, or the court needs to determine that the other parent is unfit as a parent and terminate that person’s rights.

Grandparent Adoptions

It is common when a set of parents are unfit or unable to adequately care for their child, for a grandparent to step in and take parental responsibilities. Grandparent adoptions are like stepparent adoptions in that the biological parents’ rights need to be terminated, either voluntarily or by court order.

Traditional Adoptions

When an adoption does not involve stepparents or grandparents – when a couple is simply seeking to adopt a child – the process is still quite involved. There will be multiple steps in the process, including numerous home visits and inspections to make sure you are fit as parents and would provide the child with a healthy, nurturing home environment.

Whatever type of adoption you are seeking, I can help you understand your options and make the entire process smoother.

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The adoption process can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. It’s important to go through the process with a trusted advocate by your side.

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