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Financial Support For Spouses In Texas Divorce

Spousal support can be a sticky subject in divorce negotiations in Texas. No one wants to part with their money, and no one wants to take less money than they think they need. Whether you are the paying spouse or the spouse slated to receive spousal support, you need to work with an experienced lawyer you can trust, someone who knows spousal support law and who can protect your financial interests.

At The Law Office of Christopher J. Miller, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience handling spousal support and other divorce and family law matters. In my work as an attorney, I represent clients in Weatherford and throughout the surrounding areas of Texas in all types of spousal support cases. I have represented both paying spouses and spouses who received spousal support payment.

How Is Spousal Support Determined In Texas?

There are numerous considerations in Texas spousal support determinations. Length of the marriage, income of both spouses, disabilities and instances of domestic violence can all be taken into consideration. The amount that will be paid is capped off at 20% of the paying spouse’s gross income or $5,000, whichever is less, and the amount of time the payments are provided will be determined in part by the length of the marriage.

The payments can be made monthly, quarterly, annually or in one lump-sum payment.

Negotiating Spousal Support

There are guidelines the court uses to determine spousal support. These guidelines have minimum and maximum limits that the court will generally stay within when drafting the spousal support order.

However, when special circumstances arise, an experienced lawyer can petition the court to deviate from the guideline limitations. I can petition the court to either raise or lower the amount to be paid, depending on your circumstances and depending on whether you qualify for a deviation of this kind.

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