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Tips for obtaining back child support payments

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2021 | Child Support

Noncustodial Texas parents are required to comply with a child support order until it is modified or terminated. If your child’s other parent willfully fails to meet his or her obligation, it may be possible to take legal action to obtain back payments.

Child support is considered a priority debt

Child support payments are an important tool for ensuring that a minor’s basic needs are met. Typically, money provided by a noncustodial parent helps to buy clothes, make rent payments or acquire nutritious food. Financial contributions from a noncustodial parent can also be used to pay for a tutor, cover medical expenses or otherwise ease the burden on a custodial parent. As a priority debt, a past due support balance cannot be eliminated by filing for bankruptcy.

Payments can be deducted from payroll or benefit checks

It may be possible to have support payments automatically deducted from your former spouse’s paycheck. It may also be possible to garnish unemployment, workers’ compensation or other types of benefit checks to ensure that past due balances are paid in a timely manner. Finally, your former spouse’s tax refunds can be seized to help pay down an existing balance.

The state might be taking action on your behalf

If the other parent misses a child support payment, a levy may be issued by the state in an effort to collect what he or she owes. Alternatively, a lien may be placed on a home, car or other asset until back payments are made. In the event that your child’s other parent attempts to sell an asset, proceeds from the sale will be taken by the government and used to satisfy the obligation. Your family law attorney may provide more information about what the government might do to help you obtain the money needed to raise your child.