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What do courts consider when awarding custody?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2021 | Child custody

A Texas court considers many different factors when making decisions about child custody. The court wants to place the child in the safest home possible, so each parent’s living conditions will face examination. The judge might prefer the child to reside near a good school and allow the young one to take part in special pursuits, such as music lessons and sports. The judge may also worry about specific issues that could undermine the safety and stability of the child’s life.

Items of consideration during child custody hearings

A parent could love his or her child very much but lack the necessary finances to raise the child even with support payments. Moving into a small studio apartment could cut down on monthly expenses, for example, but the courts might have problems with a child and a parent living in a rental with no separate bedroom.

A parent’s age could sway the court’s opinions as well. A parent might be too young to care for the child alone. However, the courts could give grandparents joint custody when the parent is a teenager and requires assistance.

Considering the child’s safety

Ultimately, an environment must be a safe one. If there are other adults in the home, the courts could worry about living arrangements. Concerns over drug abuse or violent, unstable behavior would surely lead to worries about the child’s safety.

The court could look at a home or apartment’s habitability. Does the home require a deep cleaning and significant renovations? If so, the dwelling might not be fit for adults or children.

Child custody decisions often occur after the court looks at the child’s potential well-being from many perspectives. A parent seeking an agreeable custody arrangement might want to rely on an attorney to present their case.