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The importance of a co-parenting plan in Texas

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2021 | Child custody

Texas law favors parents that can come to an amicable agreement concerning parenting plans and time. Doing this also makes life easier for your child during and after your divorce. Let us look at why a parenting plan is important both to you and your kids.

Co-parenting in Texas

Texas government made it mandatory for parents who are divorcing to make a parenting plan. Parents figure out child custody and visitation on their own or with the help of an attorney or mediator. All plans are accepted by the court if they prove to be in the child’s best interest.

Why is co-parenting important to children?

1. It makes them emotionally healthy in relationships. When parents can still work together, even after their relationship ends, they send a powerful message to their children that people can still agree and make good decisions whether in or out of a relationship.

2. Children experience less stress and anxiety. Divorce is a tough process to endure, and it is even harder for the kids. They often feel stressed, anxious, sad, frustrated, fearful, and insecure. But if parents can communicate healthily and work together, children will have an easier time adjusting to the new norm with less stress and anxiety.

3. Your kids see less fighting. It can be very sad for children to see their parents fighting and be placed in a position where they must pick a side. However, if a co-parenting plan is in place, the chances of fighting or disagreeing between parents are greatly reduced.

4. Children learn problem-solving skills from you. Parents demonstrate effective and healthy conflict resolutions by working together and coming up with a co-parenting plan. Your children will learn that people that may not see eye-to-eye can still resolve conflict and work together for the greater good.

5. It enhances a sense of security and stability for the children. A healthy co-parenting plan makes children feel secure and safe knowing that a parent will still pick them up from school, provide for them, and spend time with them. This sense of stability is critical during and after divorce.

When you can’t agree on a co-parenting plan, you leave this decision to the court. However, as the people that know your child more personally, it is always better to come to your own resolution.