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A common reason for divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2023 | Divorce

Texas law allows you to seek a divorce for any reason that you can think of. Therefore, you can end your marriage whether you are the victim of infidelity or are simply bored with your current partner. However, arguments about finances are one of the most common reasons why people choose to end their marriages.

Men prefer to be breadwinners

Research has shown that a couple is at an increased risk of a divorce if a wife earns more than her husband. This is partially because a wife who obtains financial independence doesn’t need to stay in a toxic marriage to retain access to money or other important resources. It is also because women who earn more in a relationship are still often required to do an outsized share of domestic tasks such as cooking, cleaning and raising children.

Living on the edge is stressful

You may find it harder to love your partner if you’re constantly worried about losing your home or car because you can’t keep up with the monthly payments. This may be especially true if your partner is unemployed, gambles or takes other actions that actively hurt the household’s financial situation. Even if your spouse isn’t to blame for your problems, stress may make it harder to want to engage in romantic or other activities that help keep a relationship strong.

Financial infidelity can be harmful

Financial infidelity can break the trust that is needed for a relationship to last for many years or decades. Examples of such conduct include opening a bank account without your spouse’s knowledge or finding out that your spouse has been gambling or otherwise spending what should be joint funds without your knowledge or permission.

Through a divorce settlement, you may finally receive the funds or other items that you need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. As Texas is a community state, you are generally entitled to half of any joint assets such as funds in a bank or brokerage account or half of the equity in the marital home.